Imagine a little girl or boy who has access to free education, but because of a wide array of variables, that child can not go to school every day. She has to walk one and a half miles to school and arrives there hungry. Besides that, she is often teased by classmates because of her clothes which are tattered and worn, obviously second-hand.
She can’t afford the school uniform. When she does go to school, she comes home with tears in her eyes.
For her, school is not a fun experience, but a sad chore – nothing to look forward to. Even her single mom hates sending her to school sometimes.
Now imagine that this child has money for snacks, uniform, and transportation. She isn’t hungry, isn’t teased, and not tired when she gets to school. She does to school with dignity.
If a child can graduate from high school and college, that family will have a much greater opportunity to prosper – and a smaller risk of being taken advantage of. Add good morals and character, and a sense of civic duty to their education, and a child will really go far in the world.

Your support means a lot. If you support one child all the way through college, that child will pass on the blessing that they have received to another child. The cycle will continue.