Update Jan 2021: Helena is starting to come out of the shell that she was in. She sometimes joins the other children in dancing and singing.

Age: 7

Birthday: 03-28-13

Facebook Account: Helenajanenarciso@yahoo.com

Parent’s name : Avelyn Ann Rendon

Address: Candau-ay Dgte. City

School: Candau-ay Elementary School

Grade: 1

Favorite Subject: ART

Favorite Hobby: Singing,dancing&drawing

Tell me a little bit about yourself: I am Helena Jane,Im 7 years old. Im the eldest among the three, I have two brothers. I love to sing and dance.

Helena is the eldest child of Avelyn. The father of Helena passed away last year, leaving her with 3 kids. Avelyn gets by doing cleaning jobs and mixing and selling dish soap. Without Kairos Children’s Fund, life would be much harder for this single mother. She would love getting letters of encouragment! If you would like to write to Helena, please use simple Englis