– $23 monthly for elementary students plus $10 for the first month of the school year.
– $25 monthly for high school and senior high students plus $15 for the first month of the school year.


  • $19 / $21 per month will be given directly to the child for their weekly allowance.
    This allowance covers transportation, lunch; school supplies or projects/homework – this will be given as a weekly amount. Any expenses above this amount should be paid by the student.
    The allowance usually is enough for one week – often a diligent student can actually save. However, we sometimes give extra during the final projects period.

  • $2 is set aside for payment of school fees (usually twice a year)
    About $2 per child is used as ‘admin’ or overhead and quarterly meetings

There are 10 months during the 2018-2019 school year. A one-year sponsorship would cost a little more than $200. 

Please download our brochure and form, fill up, scan or picture the response form and then send it back to us. We will place you with a child as soon as you make a payment.

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You may also like to download our brochure and form. Pass it around to your friends, church, or community. We would be very grateful!