There are many ways to send us money. Let’s re-iterate first that your money is in good hands. 5% will be used for overhead / admin fees. The rest goes directly to the child.

  • Credit Card or PayPal through DonorBox
  • Moneygram or Western Union (other money couriers are acceptable, but these two are the best)
  • (a Philippine online wallet)
  • Palawan (in the Philippines)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) 3Hq3ngbT16RPPsRE1xCrLb1s49a8TXBvQC
  • Biblepay (BBP) BA94F3FuhNzmtNKWPSc6q5JaywFXXE1UTQ
    • we actually like this method because it helps boost Biblepay, which is a supporter of KCF